The Best Time To Have Lived

I have not published a blog post in nearly two years. I have decided to start posting again in My Musings. My goal is to post once or twice a week something intelligent and enlightening about issues that concern many of us, an ambitious and perhaps egotistical undertaking, I know. Below is my first effort.

 Timing is everything, some say. If that is true, my fellow septuagenarians and I have been extraordinarily blessed to have lived from the 1940s to sometime between today and perhaps the next 20 years. I am gravely concerned that those who live beyond the next 20 years, including my children and grandchildren, will not be so fortunate.

If the overwhelming majority of scientists are correct, and I believe that logic, experience and the evidence indicate they are, in 30 years or sooner the earth may not be a pleasant place to live. Within the lives of my grandchildren’s children life on our planet may be beyond unpleasant. By the end of the 22nd century earth may not be habitable at all.

It will take a supreme, worldwide, vigorous effort that must begin soon and continue indefinitely, if we are to prevent the unimaginable. So far we have not done nearly enough. We have the knowledge, the resources and the desire to prevent this catastrophe from happening, but I have serious doubts as to whether we as a species have the political will to do what is necessary to save the planet. I hope I am wrong.

We cannot rely on God, Donald Trump or luck to prevent the demise of our species. We must take action that is expensive, bold and decisive, and we must do it soon. If we don’t, I find it impossible to wrap my brain around the consequences. What my generation has done to our planet’s environment is despicable and caused by runaway greed, mass ignorance and corporate deception. Moreover, many of us seem fixated on issues such as abortion, homosexuality, whether the government will force males and females to use the same bathrooms, dissemination of contraceptives, immigration, waging war against fellow humans and more economic growth; but are unconcerned about the very survival of our species.

Ironically, my generation, the worst perpetrators, will not live to see the most extreme consequences of our collective greed and ignorance. We are blessed to have lived in a most remarkable time. I have lived through the advent of television, machines that cool or heat the air indoors to a constant 72 degrees Fahrenheit, computers that do astonishing things, the Internet, robots that appeared only in science fiction a few years ago, smart phones, travel by jet plane, automobiles that drive themselves and the capacity to obliterate most of the worst diseases that have plagued humans for centuries. I have lived through remarkable human discoveries about the cosmos and the human body, the landing of humans on the moon, people living in space, perhaps private citizens colonizing the moon or Mars and much more.

I have lived in an era of unprecedented prosperity in the United States and much of the world, which has enabled me to travel throughout the world, enjoy the finest culinary creations the world has ever produced and learn things that only the greatest scholars were able to study in the past. I have enjoyed more creature comforts then anyone who lived before me. I treasure every day now and feel and express immense gratitude for having lived during these times, but I fear for the future of our planet and the humans who will occupy it.

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