What We Should Be Angry About

What We Should Be Angry About.

The media has told us that Mr. Trump won the Presidency because the white working class, especially those in mid-western swing states, are angry at no longer sharing in America’s dream, at having been left behind in the growing economy of the past 30 years. Well, I’m not one of them, but I am angry too, and they should be angry for the same reasons I am, but inexplicably instead, they are angry at immigrants, blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, gays and liberals.

Here is what I am angry about, and, in my humble opinion, so should the white working class (I am retired.). Indeed, they are more affected by what has happened in our country than I am.

–The social safety net, once the strongest in the world, has been gradually dismantled by both major parties over three decades, leaving the poor and working classes vulnerable to increased poverty and misery.
—Labor unions, the only reliable form of protection for the American worker, have likewise been gutted as power amasses in the hands of corporations.
—There is virulent opposition from our elected representatives to the idea of universal health care; a system that is a reality in every other major western country. Our current tepid foray into universal waters, Obamacare, is compromised to its core by the overbearing influence of the pharmaceutical industry, and even this very small step forward would have been dismantled if only congressional Republicans could have agreed on the same plan to strip insurance from 24 million more Americans.

—Our economy is designed to transfer wealth and income into the pockets of those who need it least, and any opposition to this structural inequality is treated as political radicalism.
—Our current president won, in large part, because he represented a philosophy of fear and hatred toward outsiders. We will start wars in foreign countries that destabilize whole regions for no gain, but we will not accept refugees who have suffered unspeakably—sometimes at our hands—in these same countries. We will, in fact, contravene our stated principals of accepting the tired, the poor, the huddled masses, and actually enact policies designed to remove aspiring citizens from our country, to break up families, and further marginalize those who have nothing.
—Our police are empowered to shoot and kill our own citizens for dubious reasons, and—especially if the victim happens to be a minority—escape all prosecution.
—Harmful free trade agreements have been passed to milk profit from globalism, with no thought given to the loss of jobs, money, and dignity for American workers, or the slave wages and environmental destruction unleashed abroad.
—The agency designed to protect the environment in our country is now controlled by climate change deniers, which mortgages the future for our children and grandchildren and puts us further behind in a race we were already losing.
—What the hell, let’s repeat that one, since it seems important: Our planet is dying, and far from solving the problem, we’re now one of the world leaders in making it worse.

This is what we all should be angry about.

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