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This review is from: Retirement: A Memoir and Guide (Kindle Edition)

This memoir offers thought-provoking tips as one moves into that final or near-final chapter of life. Probably my favorite is “being present,” as Lemon calls it. Too often in life when we are intent on career and moving up the corporate ladder, we rarely “stop to smell the roses.” This book makes a strong case that not only is it healthy to relax, slow down and enjoy the moment – but that in doing so we find the tranquility that comes with focusing not just on ourselves and our experiences, but what others are saying and feeling. For truly this book is filled with “joie de vivre,” and the author’s determination to make up for lost time by living life to the fullest before it is too late . . . and that means taking risks. . . even taking up Pilates and meditation. Lemon segueways off to his year in Paris, one of the many adventures he shares after he retired from a big law firm on the West Coast and becomes a single man after three failed marriages. His emphasis on finding meaning by connecting with one’s passion – in the author’s case, writing – serves as a template for those who ponder what to do in their “golden years.” His answer is simple; don’t give up, don’t sit in a rocking chair, keep active and alert to new opportunities. The strongest parts of this book are when the author moves away from descriptions of how to prepare financially for retirement, or packing light and using subways in foreign cities as a way to save money,(this could be gotten from Frommer’s Travel Guides)and concentrates on his real message . . . you’re never too old to start living and truly revel in the beauty of a solitary walk on a snowy morning.


“Whether retirement lies years ahead or you’ve already taken the plunge, Boyd Lemon’s provocative tips, based on an insightful combination of life experience and acquired wisdom, highlight ways to make your post-employment years even more enjoyable and rewarding.”



“Boyd Lemon wonderfully evokes his struggles and joys in confronting the uncharted wilderness of retirement, and then merges his hard-gained knowledge with thoughtful common sense to guide new and about-to-be retirees through the wheres and the whethers, the emotional and spiritual and practical decision-making, and other questions, challenges, and possibilities this stage in life provides.”

–Paula Friedman, writing teacher and Pushcart-nominated author of the novel The Rescuer’s Path (2012, PVP)

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